Detta är en annan färg som liknar mer logons färg RGB

224 201 166


Detta är innehållsområde Verdana 12 och färgnr #efd5b4 

vilket blir RGB 239 213 180 i Google Dokument.

Detta är rubrik2 Verdana 18 pt Bold

Detta är #edd4b4

Detta är  ljusgul3 i Google Dokument

Logotype png or max height is 40px. So I typically export my png image for that. Usually I find that is my limitation, the width is like 200 something. Logos in the nav bar are resized small, so sometimes I put it in the main header instead. Create logo in Canva (or whatever program you used to create your logo), and make it literally as large as you possibly can (i,e. screen size). Then you take a screen shot of your screen and crop it to edit out whatever you don't want to show. Upload that image in the logo section on google sites. This works. I did it today after a google meet with Google Sites lol. Ridiculous that this isn't just easily available information.

Bilder  .png, . jpg, or . gif format. 

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